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Achieving custom exhibition stands with QUICKBLOCK

The event industry is back with what feels like an almighty bang and a sigh of relief after the past couple of years’ of abstinence. We have waved a fond farewell to social distancing measures and got back to doing what we do best supporting the event industry.

A guide to temporary buildings

Temporary buildings are ones that do not have any intention of being in place for a long period of time. There are a variety of temporary buildings or shelters available for various projects and needs.

Are you lambing season ready?

The lambing season is one of the busiest in the farming community with sixteen million ewes giving birth every year in the UK. It’s the time of year that generally signals to the rest of the UK that spring has sprung when they see a bouncing lamb galloping

Sustainable building materials. How sustainable is QUICKBLOCK®?

We all know that we want our building materials to be durable, but what if they could be durable AND sustainable?