Plastic planters from Quickblock

One of the best ways to add some character to your garden or outside space is to use an outdoor planter. Planters can also have great benefits to your plants and vegetables including:

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L 1.37m x W 1.37m x H 0.46m


L 1.37m x W 1.37m x H 0.69m


L 2.29M X W 1.14M X H 0.69M

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Our unique plastic planters made from 100% recycled plastic are ideal for your next garden project.

the benefits of our planters

There are many additional benefits if you decide to build your own outdoor planter with QUICKBLOCK:

  1. Sustainability – QUICKBLOCK is proudly manufactured using 100% recycled plastic, making them sustainable and friendlier to our environment – just what every garden needs.
  2. Flexibility – Our interlocking blocks allow you to adjust the height, width and length of your plastic planters with ease.
  3. Drainage – holes on the bottom of our QUICKBLOCK panels allow for excellent drainage opportunities. 
  4. Transportability –  QUICKBLOCK is easy to move around with its light design, helping to make your plants more portable.
  5. Containment – An outdoor planter can keep invasive plants contained. 
  6. Colour – available in a choice of 2 colours, olive green or light grey to suit your outside space.

Or take a look at our video demonstrating how fast you can create your planters!

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