Raised beds from Quickblock

One of the best ways to add some character to your garden or outside space is to use raised beds. Raised beds can also have great benefits to your plants and vegetables including:


Our unique raised beds are made from 100% recycled plastic and are ideal for your next garden project.

Take a look at our range of raised bed options:


L 1.37m x W 1.37m x H 0.46m


L 2.29M X W 1.14M X H 0.69M


L 1.37m x W 1.37m x H 0.69m


There are many additional benefits if you decide to build your own outdoor planter with QUICKBLOCK:

  1. You might be familiar with a type of raised beds that you can find in any hardware or gardening shop on the high street, but QUICKBLOCK is proudly manufactured using 100% recycled plastic, making them sustainable and friendlier to our environment – just what every gardener is keen to achieve.
  2. QUICKBLOCK is built using interlocking blocks which makes them extremely flexible in terms of achieving your desired design for your garden. You can make them as large or as small as you like.
  3. A raised bed needs to be breathable to offer good air circulation and thanks to our modular building system, QUICKBLOCK is just that.                                                                                                                        
  4. For the creative green fingered folk among us, having a choice of where to put your raised beds can be helpful. QUICKBLOCK is easy to move around with its light design so you can always satisfy the need of making adjustments to the look of your garden. Helping to make your plants more portable.
  5. A raised bed can keep invasive plants contained. A small patch of mint can spread like wildfire and QUICKBLOCK’s durable design can help to keep it nice and neat so it doesn’t take over your flower beds.
  6. QUICKBLOCK is an affordable way to create barriers and pathways in your garden using a raised bed design. Fill them in with an array of beautiful flowers and it can change the look of your garden effortlessly, leaving you with some spare cash to invest in a good pair of gardening gloves.
  7. You’ll never need to bend or put pressure on your knees again with our raised beds being the perfect height to maintain your vegetable garden.

Or take a look at our video demonstrating how fast you can create your raised beds!

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